Specialist Sports Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I open a trade account?

A. You can set up a trade account by filling out this form here 'Set up a Trade Account'

Q. How long will it take for the account to open?

A. Times vary depending on demands. There are certain checks that need to be done before we can open new trade accounts. You will receive updates throughout the process.

Q. How do I apply for sponsorship with Specialist Sports/adidas?

A. Visit the sponsorship tab for information on the packages we offer for cricket, hockey and tennis.

Q. What standard do I have to be playing to obtain sponsorship?

A. We currently sponsor professional athletes and up and coming junior players, as well as influential coaches in their field.

Q. How long will it take to find out if I have been accepted for sponsorship?

A. The process can vary depending on the sport and the time of year you apply. Each sport will have a different window for applications and the timelines will be stipulated there.

Q. How can I purchase the products from the online catalogue?

A. All of our products are available at retailers around the UK. You can either visit them in store or buy online.

Q. I'm interested in adidas teamwear, how can I get a quote?

A. Please visit our teamwear page for more information on adidas teamwear. Any other questions should be sent to teamwear@specialistsports.com